Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mason Thinks He's Garfield

Yeah, you read this right! Mason the Cat thinks he is Garfield today. Why? It is quite simple you see. Today we found out Mason thoroughly enjoys Italian food.
It all started when Vanessa accidentally drop a piece of spaghetti on the floor and Mason raced over to it to scarf it right up. Since he liked that morsel so much, she gave him some more! He loved it! So ever now and then when pasta is part of the course, Mason will get just a little bit for him. That Mason!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mason The Cat Burglar

What? Did I say cat burglar? YES! We just solved a mystery at our house. That Mason strikes again!
Mason has this fetish about shinny things. Needless to say, nothing is safe when Mason is around! When we are at work, he has endless hours to go around the house and explore. And to make a long story short, Mason found his new treasure. It is called a jewelry box. And whatever you do, don't let it open!
Oh, I'm sure it started out as innocent play, but the attraction took over! He just wasn't content with playing with the glistering pieces. He had to take them back to his little special place behind the sofa.
After days of searching and looking for some of my favorite necklaces, thinking that they were gone for good, I found his secret stash! All I can say is, that Mason!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

That Mason!

As I had said before, our Mason is a curious cat! He did it this time! My daughter had bought a new answering machine the other day. She had it plugged in and all set to go before she left for work. Being a curious cat, Mason could not let this go unnoticed. Every time someone had called, Mason was intrigued with this new device that spoke to him. The blinking red light was just too much for him to keep his paws off of!
It took a few days to actually figure out what was going on. But, when everyone started to ask my daughter why she wasn't returning her calls it didn't take long to catch the culprit! To our dismay, we found out that Mason was erasing the messages! With the flashing lights, Mason would try to catch it with his paws! I'm sure this was a new fun game for him! Well, with him trying to catch the blinking light, he was pushing the erase button! That Mason!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mason The Curious Cat

Mason is my granddaughters Valerie and Vanessa's tabby colored cat. They owned him for a little over two years now and every day is a new adventure with him. The funny thing about Mason is, he doesn't think he is a cat. What we mean about that is, he acts more like a dog. Yes, you read that right, Mason thinks he is a dog.
You see, unlike most felines, Mason will come when you call for him. He likes to go for a walk with a leash on. And one of the most curious things about Mason is that he likes to dip his little paws in water while the girls take their baths. As soon as he hears the tub water running he is there in a flash! As they are bathing, he will put his paw into the bath water and splash it on them! I think he gets much pleasure out of splashing them!